Dr. Wanona Wellspring the Raw Chef

Dr. Wanona Wellspring the Raw Chef

Does Pain Relief without Prescription Medicine or Surgery Exist?

This is what many of my patients come to Spring Creek Holistic Center wondering. They’ve been living with pain for so long that they almost forget what it’s like not to be in pain.

Can you relate?

Your body aches and hurts so much that it’s affecting your ability to do some of the most basic day-to-day activities like go to work, sit for long periods of time, walk around, or even get a good night’s sleep.

The mainstream medical world would have you believe that the best the way to deal with this kind of pain is to start taking prescription medication or get surgery.

But as someone who cares about healthy living and wants to avoid the terrible side effects of pharmaceuticals, the last thing you want to do is start popping pain pills or go under the knife. You’re not crazy about the idea of a chiropractor “cracking” your back, either.

You want natural pain relief through an approach that feels right, doesn’t hurt, and that will help you live your life without pain again.

Hi, I am Dr. Wanona Wellspring Ceisel, Doctor of Naprapathy and Massage Therapist and since 1984 I’ve been helping people suffering from pain enjoy their lives again by getting rid of their pain and increasing their wellness, all while avoiding surgery and prescription medications

I believe in the body’s ability to heal itself – even when dealing with intense or chronic pain.

It can seem hard to believe when you’ve been living with pain as long as you have, but my experience, and the experience of my patients continue to prove that when proper ingredients are given to the body, and the necessary stressors are removed, the body heals itself.

Natural pain relief does exist, and its absolutely possible to reduce, manage, and get rid of your pain – naturally.

Spring Creek Holistic Center is dedicated to helping people find holistic approaches to their unique pain issues.  Take a look at the types of people we work with and the issues they’re facing…

“I am 1/4 inch taller.”

“I could not do what I do every day if I did not get my weekly treatment.”

“I finally feel hopeful and comfortable.”


Welcome to Spring Creek Holistic Center and Organic Farm where we live the raw lifestyle every day.  Our land is fresh and pure with a spring fed creek running behind a grove of trees.  This is the perfect environment to experience nature, and learn how to grow organic food, how to prepare raw food recipes, and to cleanse your body, mind and spirit and get refreshed.

Our guests can stay at the nearby State Park:  Lake Le-Aqua-Na offers camping for tents, RVs and has hiking and biking trails, fishing and swimming.

Spring Creek Farm is located just 5 minutes north of Lena and Freeport is a short 15 minute drive away.  Guests can come by train through Lena which is a whistle stop along the rail system from Chicago, Illinois.

All volunteers will enjoy a free yoga class and wholesome lunch as our way of saying thank you.

Y’all come out and visit, hear?  Doc Wah

Raindrop Technique Essential Oils collection

Raindrop Technique

Aromatherapy Raindrop Technique

The spinal column represents the major connection that nerves have to our organs and our entire body.  The Raindrop Technique was developed by D. Gary Young who called himself an aromatologist.  Indeed he has a keen sense of smell and can detect certain chemical components in individual plants.  Testing of the plant oils has verified this and he started the Young Living Essential Oil company shortly after developing the Raindrop Technique in 1989.

(Read More Here!)

Raw Plant Based Diet

For years people in the United States have been eating a diet that is high in carbohydrates, fat and sugars.  Plants contain many health compounds that are destroyed when cooked.  We should not eat our meat raw; the microorganisms that live in organic protein need to be destroyed before we eat the meat.  But vegetables and fruits are in their very best life giving state when eaten raw.

When I first heard about this strict vegetarian lifestyle, it was called Living Food.  In other words, you could take the plant and put it in the ground again and it would either thrive or nourish the soil.  You cannot do that with a loaf of bread, for instance.  When we pick our vegetables and fruit from their growing bed, they contain higher quantities of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that nourish our bodies.

Raw food or Living Food diet will nourish our body and disease stops.  We no longer have to worry about why we are sick all the time; we feel energized, mentally alert, and full of life, ready to share what we have experienced.

Spring Creek Holistic Center and Organic Farm is dedicated to helping others learn how to prepare the food in as fresh a state as possible, making delicious menu items that can be enjoyed by your whole family.  Everyone these days has heard of green smoothies, but are they really nourishing?  Do they contain sprouts that are high in enzymes? What sort of liquid are you adding to your smoothie? Adding Rejuvelac that is high in probiotics is the best way to add these amazing healthy microbes to your diet.

Come spend a long weekend with us and learn how to prepare delicious meals, snacks, beverages, and understand the true reason we detox and eat mostly live raw fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts, and how to safely cook your food.  Programs begin in the Spring 2016

Exercise is Medicine

The science of Naprapathy is all about alignment of the bones and muscles of the body.  Why is that so very important?  The nervous system begins in the brain, and runs the entire length of the spinal column where nerve fibers exit to feed the entire body.  I consider Naprapathy a true neuroscience.  It is extremely important that the bones of the spine, the rotation in the pelvis, the alignment of the ankle bones all are aligned along lines of stress and gravity so that the nervous system can function in perfect harmony with the entire body.

Movement is how many of our organs function.  The lymph in our body is moved only when we move our arms and legs, and take deep belly breaths.  Our heart also requires exercise and movement improves the flow of rich health giving oxygen to the muscles of our heart and body.

Yoga is my favorite form of exercise, but not just by itself.  I love to do movement with yoga that I call functional movement.  It is movement with a purpose.  And the relaxation at the end of class also helps our body learn to take in deep breaths that oxygenate the muscles.  Yoga helps our body get strong, our mind to more clear, and we move with more grace and self reliance.  On the mat we learn to breathe deeply, move with determined effort, and enjoy the rewards of our practice.  Off the mat our mind works by thinking more clearly and more quickly, our relationships improve and we actually enjoy eating a healthier diet; it helps make our practice that much more rewarding.

Mind, Body, Spirit

In summary, we cannot leave even one area out of our healthy lifestyle.  Eating rich organic plant based foods the way our ancestors did; exercising to improve function and oxygen intake, and aligning the body all help us to “Align with the Divine” within each of us.