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Petrochemicals: What essential oils can do

Petrochemicals; what essential oils can do


PETROCHEMICALS;  We are the first generation to be exposed to petrochemicals everywhere.  Some we can do nothing about, they are present in the air, water and earth. Others we voluntarily put on our skin and in our mouth in the form of shampoo, cleansers, toothpaste and lotions.

According to research by Dr. Gary Young the increased use of petrochemical products absorbs into our bodies and leaves behind a” microfilm” over our receptor sites. Our bodies are designed to get rid of waste products, but these petrochemicals are new in our bodies and causing problems.

Did you know the skin absorbs 70% of what we put in it? Look in any anatomy textbook and you will see there are many types of receptor sites; for touch, taste, vision, smell, hormones, pain, hearing and equilibrium and each site is designed for a specific molecule with a complementary shape. With the microfilm cover, the cells are not getting their hormones, nourishment and cell signals to make them respond and heal the body.

Dr. Young states;”Essential oils digest the microfilm off the receptor sites for human growth hormone receptivity. It is one of the greatest things you can do.” He recommends putting a diffuser in the home so the oils can do their work and I just the petrochemicals in our brains and our bodies.

When you compare essential oils and pharmaceuticals the results are astounding. Taken from the book initial caps the Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple by David Stewart explains the properties of essential oils there is a fax and consequences as well as the philosophy behind their use.

For example essential oils have properties that come from their natural organically grown state. They contain hundreds of constituents only found in nature and therefore are not patentable. Essential oils restore natural function where as pharmaceuticals inhibit the body’s natural biology. Essential oils are antiviral, antimicrobial, analgesic, and clean the receptor sites therefore building the immune system and bringing about emotional balancing.

Pharmaceuticals on the other hand are unnatural and synthetic being made by man genetically engineered to only have one or two active ingredients so that they are patentable. As we said previously they inhibit natural function and they also have many adverse interactions usually not antiviral, disrupting cellular communication and confuses cellular memory in the DNA. The side effects of using pharmaceuticals is harmful to the body.

Essential oils assume by their very nature that the body mind and soul are integrated and have a historic root in religion when healers were priests.  Pharmaceuticals assume that the body is prone to disease and needs external assistance in order to heal. This leaves the body fragment. An emotionally separated from mind and body, suppressing the body’s natural defenses attacking disease through artificial means.

Aromatherapy using essential oils from natural plant derivatives assumes the body’s natural ability to heal. This is what puts the natural healer in a different category than a medical professional who relies on drugs and surgery to heal. Essential oils offer a cure and they hope for healing to all patients of all ages.


Years ago I was told that there was a different way to use herbs medicinally and I was confused. I knew about aromatherapy and was trained to teach spa techniques using essential oils in a safe manner. Safety meant not ingesting the oils, but we understood they entered the bloodstream through topical application and inhalation. With the help of scientific research we have found that distilled correctly essential oils are safe to ingest and can be used in capsules or taken with water or juice and for food preparation. It seems logical to choose a more natural approach to helping the body heal and enjoying life without dangerous side effects that could take our life.

A survey of the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health in America found that 2,983 chemicals found in personal care products, more than 30% are toxic. Pat Thomas author of “Cleaning Yourself to Death” warns that 70,000 chemicals used in toiletries and cleaning products were a classed as hazardous waste frequently found in baby lotion to eye drops and cleaning fluids.


I hope you will consider diffusing oils in your home, applying them to your body, and enjoying their natural healing aroma to heal your body clean your home and keep you healthy.

Dr. Wanona Wellspring Dn became a certified aromatherapy teacher in 1995 in Austin Texas through the Armstrong McCall company and began teaching Aromatherapy spa in 1996.  The Aromatherapy Spa curriculum was approved by the State of Illinois in 2000 as a certified course for the massage therapy vocation.

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