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Pharmaceutical Myth

Confessions of a former RX Rep 

In a video by Gwen Olsen, a former pharmaceutical sales representative, the truth comes out that Big Pharma is not in the business to get people well.  In truth, their role is to simply put “disease maintenance and symptoms management.”  In other words, they are controlling your symptoms with drugs in order to maintain your health in a perpetual state of disease, in order to insure their prosperity.

I had suspicions that this was true for many years, and appreciate Ms. Olsen coming out and stating these facts for us.  I had also heard, though cannot quote my source, that Big Pharma has a goal of getting every person, at least in the United States, addicted to 3 drugs per person.  This is evident with many people who are prescribed one drug, then having side-effects due to taking one drug are prescribed another drug and so forth.  Doctors are being trained to administer these drugs to the masses in this manner.

The main populous is being duped into believing that the doctor has their health and healing interest in mind, but that is not true either.  Doctors really are not chemists and do not understand what is happening inside your body when you take this drug and another, nor their combined side-effects.  But I am sure you hear about this in published ads on the television that the drug may help your Crohn’s disease, but may also give you some forms of cancer or heart disease.

I am sorry to say that insurance will even help the pharmaceutical companies stay in business by defraying the cost of drugs that are prescribed to maintain your illness, and will not help in any way to pay for vitamins or supplements that may help you actually heal from disease.

Never fear, there are ways that you can be proactive in your health, and it does not matter about Big Pharma, and may even help put them out of business.  First, talk to a natural health professional, such as myself, a licensed Doctor of Naprapathy or a Naturopath.  I know there have been changes in the laws recently, but there are several good nutritionists and resources to help you regain your health without your medical doctor’s approval.

Second, change doctors.  There are a few doctors who are more educated about natural resources including supplements and diets that help heal nearly a dozen diseases without the use of drugs or surgery.

Third, do your own research.  You will not have the same resources that a doctor may have, but some resources are open to the public.  For instance, you are welcome to go to the nearest medical school library and peruse the many medical journals and stacks that contain current and past research and information.  You may not be able to check out any of the books or journals, but you can read them at your leisure, make copies of necessary information, and arm yourself with good information.  Never rely on hearsay, and never just take the word of your doctor.

Finally, change your lifestyle.  This is the one key to a healthy body, mind and spirit.  Food is medicine.  Exercise is medicine. Together they will help you regain your life, and yes you can avoid taking any drugs or undergoing unnecessary surgeries.

I am very disappointed in Obama Care.  I had thought that there would be a provision to include paying for necessary supplements, vitamins and protein powders at least, and to include those that every individual is free to purchase at a local health food store, as well as those recommended to them by either a doctor or natural health practitioner.  That is unfortunately not the case.  We are being forced to purchase insurance, and Big Pharma will continue to thrive, while the citizens in the United States are subject to being guinea pigs to all sorts of research.

Well, be your own laboratory, and find out what makes your body healthy.  Noone can stop you from experimenting on yourself.  This has been my motto since I began my journey into herbalism, aromatherapy, and nutrition, some 33 years ago.  I will try something on myself, before I try it on others.  I do not practice medicine on others; I use empirical data that has been practiced by natural health professionals long before the Western allopathic physician came on the scene.

I have a few examples of success stories where patients were able to reduce and eventually remove their dependency on drugs that were prescribed by their primary care physician.  I personally view each of us as our own primary care physician and encourage everyone to begin listening to their own body, and quite putting doctors on fragile pedestals. One such story involved a woman in her 70s who was a patient of mine during my internship.  She was stooped over, on several medications for heart pressure, including potassium pills and anti-hallucinogenics due to the side effects of the heart medication.  One day she called me to say she was having pain on her right side.  She had called her PCP and was told she would need to have her gall bladder removed in one week, and to discontinue taking all medication.

I was shocked at this.  He had not given her any tests; no blood tests or ultrasounds were performed.  He had blatantly decided to use her as a guinea pig, remove her gall bladder, and who gives a damn about the woman’s health after that.  I could only imagine he was thinking of the money he would make by cutting into her.  I appreciated that he gave her the proper command to stop taking the pharmaceutical drugs, making my job a lot easier.  I asked her to come in and let me examine her.  Her symptoms were simply a pain on her right side, which does indeed indicate a problem with the gall bladder, but her doctors blatant disregard of scientific protocol was paramount to malpractice.

I suggested that she begin a three-day gallbladder flush.  It is a simple procedure and could not hurt.  I instructed her to purchase apples, and apple juice, as well as olive oil.  The Gall Bladder Flush involves eating apples throughout the day, along with water, and to avoid caffeine or other foods.  Then in the evening take 1/4 cup of olive oil in 1/4 cup of apple juice before bed.  The body enjoys the apples and they dissolve any stones that may have formed.  The olive oil lubricates the valves to allow passage of the smaller stones and works in about three days.  She began her flush right away, but thinking she would be undergoing surgery had started making meals for herself that she would freeze and have for later.  However, by the third day she felt a small pang as if a gas pain in her right side, and noticed that she was feeling very much better.

To my surprise, she called her doctor and canceled the surgery, then called her son and scheduled a plane trip to go visit him.  Well, that was more than I could have asked for.  She felt great.  Not only did she avoid surgery, but she had her doctor’s permission to get off the medications.  When she returned from her visit she scheduled a follow up visit with her PCP and he found that her blood pressure was normal, and she did not resume taking any medications.  The Naprapathic treatments that she was undergoing were beginning to remove the tension in her spine, and thus the unusual pressure on the baro-receptors in her neck, helping to regain the normal heart health.  She was standing taller than ever, and was a great deal more alert now.

I saw her for regular visits for a few more weeks and she continued to improve.

Drugs are toxins.  If you are taking prescribed medications, you need to be asking yourself what harm are they doing?  Is there an alternative that will help your body heal from the condition, or are the drugs just maintaining your diseased state?  How do you feel when you are taking the drugs, and is it possible you would feel better if you were taking a more natural substance?

Toxins need to be flushed out of our systems on a regular basis.  How often is your PCP telling you to employ a detoxification regimen?  I doubt that they even understand the process.  We should detoxify our bodies regularly.  Not because we take drugs, but because waste happens every day.  Our cells excrete waste daily and bacteria feed upon waste.  Waste causes an acidic environment within our body tissues, and causes illness and disease. Our bodies must remain alkaline so that we can fight off disease, and taking drugs contributes to the acid environment.  The least you can do for yourself is to detox your body whenever possible if you are not strong enough to stop taking the drugs.

If you need help, please let me know.  I can guide you through a program that is not difficult, and will help you live longer and live a healthier life.  I promise.

Warm regards, in health,

Dr. Rev. Wanona Wellspring Ceisel, DN


Drink Your Greens

Digestion starts in the mouth.  If you chew your food until it is liquid, then drink it, you will have added the important amylase enzyme from your saliva that begins the digestion process of food.  Conversely, you should chew your liquids, also mixing them with your saliva before swallowing.

Another easy way to start digestion is to take a bitter substance just before eating, like Goldenseal Root.  Take a capsule and open it and put just a dot of the green powder on the end of your tongue, then take it in and taste it.  This bitter sense will begin the communication between your saliva glands and the stomach lining to start the production of hydrochloric acid in your stomach.

In Ayurveda, we stress that you should also have other taste sensations in your meal, and hopefully with every meal.  These include sweet, bitter, salty, pungent and astringent.  Most herbalists use these taste sensations when considering which herb to use for healing as well.  But I prefer food as our healing modality, and specifically healthy organic whole food from living food like greens, vegetables and fruits.

Some nuts and grains are also considered living AFTER they have been soaked to release their enzymes and proteins.  Yes it is possible to get enough protein from a living whole food diet, but it takes common sense to know just how to prepare the ingredients to release their life giving components.

Look at the Mediterranean Diet that includes an appetizer before a heavy meal containing a sweet and salty combination like pickled onions and kiwi with salty ham slices.  Starts the juices flowing without ruining the appetite.

Ann Wigmore, creator of the Living Food Lifestyle, always stressed the alkaline diet to regain health and stay healthy.  Detoxification of waste is a key element, as are drinking fresh pure water, getting some sunlight every day and resting.  The detox program begins with three days of green smoothies and sauerkraut that feed the gut with excellent probiotics, enzymes, proteins, vitamins and minerals.  It continues with four days of adding raw food to the three meals a day of green smoothie and sauerkraut, finishing with three more days of isolated meals of just green smoothie and sauerkraut.  Adding a flushing of the colon will also help remove waste from the body, so twice daily enemas are helpful, or colon hydrotherapy which will reach well into the ascending colon.  Exercise every day is essential to keep the lymphatic system draining toxins into the bloodstream easily and naturally.  The key factor, however, that makes the Living Food Lifestyle program so much more successful than other healing programs is the Wheat Grass Juice.  Drinking at least one ounce per meal is essential in rebuilding the liver, and contains high levels of vitamins and minerals necessary during the detoxification, and it kills germs.

The Energy Soup is a great recipe created by Ann Wigmore, which I share here.  It is my favorite green smoothie and is a meal in itself.  We drink this three times a day in a 12 oz glass during the entire 10 day detox program.  There are loads of other green smoothie recipes out there, and I recommend that you try as many as you like, but for my money and time I am going to stick with Energy Soup and continue to detox regularly and easily every day.  You can vary the fruits and greens you use so there is some variations in the taste, and definitely we want the best tasting green drink.

Energy Soup

The liquid used to make Energy Soup is usually Rejuvelac, a fermented drink made from sprouted quinoa.  You may also use nutritious substitutes such as coconut drink or milk.  Please avoid dairy while going through a detox, including yoghurt.  Rejuvelac is packed full or probiotics, as is Kombucha tea, another great substitute.  Blending these in a VitaMix assures a smoothe consistency but also aids in the absorption of the nutrients of live foods.  Not only will you be removing toxins from your body, you will be rebuilding the healthy tissue of the body from the colon out.  All the ingredients of this soup make up a daily dose of vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants, as well as sugars, fats and carbohydrates.


Baby organic Spinach.  Contains high amounts of iron in a balanced organic green

Other greens may be substituted, added or replace.  Consider your taste and be creative.  Arugula is a nutty green taste, and kale may taste too much like grass so use sparingly.  Romain is watery but tasty and not as heavy in flavor as chard or collard greens.

Parsley, Basil and Cilantro.  These savory herbs add flavor and essential health promoting ingredients that help cleanse the blood, relax the nervous system and purify the kidneys. I use these fresh, but dried will be just as beneficial.  We like to add greens and enzymes whenever possible.

Cucumber.  This is an absolute must, and whether you eat a green drink every day, please consider eating cucumber every day.  You may need to peel the skin, or remove seeds from some cucumbers because they have been coated with a wax that you do not want to be eating.  VitaMix can blend the seeds, but the best flavor comes from the meet of the cucumber.  I prefer English Cucumber or Burpless from my garden.

Celery.  Lots of healthy benefits from celery are derived from the sodium content found in celery.  Sodium in this form is not at all harmful to anyone with high blood pressure and can help keep the eyes healthy with fluid for tears and has loads of other vitamins and minerals we need.

Stinging Nettle, Comfrey, Sorrel.  These are names of other native greens that you may or may not find in your gardens or fields near your home.  I grow these in my gardens because they are perennial plants that do not require much care and have a multitude of health benefits.  Stinging Nettle invited itself into my yard and I welcome it with open arms.  I talk to my plants and thank them for offering their nourishment to me, and I rarely if ever get stung.  Brush up on the leaves, and remove an entire stalk or the larger leaves for your smoothie.  Comfrey has lovely blue flowers all summer long and large rather scratchie leaves (that love to attach to fabric).  They are high in calcium and help heal bone, ward off osteoporosis, relax muscles and make beautiful healthy skin, hair and nails.  Sorrel is a sweet tasting green that reminds me of sheep’s sorrel, the tiny weed we are constantly pulling from our yard with clover like leaves and little yellow flowers.  I learned to eat wild plants as a child and am so thankful to find they have medicinal value.

Red Pepper, 1/4 cup.  The red color signifies the antioxidant power of red pepper, and they are sweeter than green pepper.

Avocado.  The fat from the avocado is necessary for our skin cells to stay soft and supple.  You can add 1/4 of an avocado or a whole avocado, depending on the size and your likeness.  I put a whole avocado in my smoothie because I love mine creamy.

Sprouts.  Got to have sprouts.  Not a lot, a little will do, maybe 1/8 cup, or a small pinch.  Use alfalfa for vitamins, clover for heart health, broccoli for liver, sunflower for calcium, buckwheat for vitamins, and so forth.  Just pick one for each smoothie or two is fine.  You don’t need to add every single sprout per smoothie, just eat them occasionally, and add them to salads, etc. throughout the week.

Fruit.  Here is where people get confused.  Were you aware that tomatoes are considered fruit?  So adding tomatoes is a fruit, but it is also a substitute for fruit sugars for those who are sensitive to sugar.  However, they must be vine ripened or they are considered night shade and could promote tissue inflammation, a number one underlying cause of many avoidable and curable diseases.  Otherwise, add fruit.  I love apples, pineapple, kiwi, mango, and berries.  The color of your smoothie may change from bright green to dark green with blueberries, just so you know.  If you have candida, or think you might, then just use the tomatoes, about 4 medium is fine.

Garlic.  Sounds funny to suggest adding garlic to a fruit and vegetable drink, but it is a wonderful addition, packed with loads of vitamin C and antibiotic properties.  Add 2 cloves at least, and be careful not to add too much, unless you like the taste.

Chia.  Soak these seeds before you use them, and just use 1/4 cup or so.  Save the rest for other drinks, or make a pudding.  Chia seeds are very high in potassium.  I rarely eat bananas because the sugar content is very high.  But I need potassium so I choose to eat chia seeds or kiwi, which are both a much better choice as a source of organic potassium

Dulse or sea weed.  Sea vegetation is very high in minerals.  You can certainly use the dehydrated varieties cause who wants a green smoothie that tastes like fish?  Kelp is good, too, but has a rather fishie taste, so use it sparingly.  Again, a little goes a long way so just use 1/2 teaspoon of kelp, but Dulse has a very mild taste, so use 1 Tablespoon or more.  You decide.

Spices.  Use salt and pepper for sure, but I prefer Himalayan Salt for its antimicrobial properties. However, other salts may change the flavor of your smoothie so please, experiment.  It will not change the medicinal benefit of the Energy Soup, I assure you.  Your palate will appreciate you.  Consider adding spices such as cumin (just a pinch) or your favorite spice blend.  I use Tuscan Blend from my local spice guy and I think it helps improve the flavor.  It tastes more like a soup when you add spices, rather than a green smoothie.

Oil.  Although we add avocado there are also health benefits derived from flax oil or coconut oil, so consider adding a teaspoon or two, but be sparing, because you could ruin the flavor you have worked so hard to produce.  I love flax oil for the skin, colon, and eyes.  Coconut oil also has antimicrobial properties, as does the juice, so I always add some even if it is just a little.

Blend.  Let the VitaMix begin to mix the ingredients, and use the rod to push it down and get it all mixed together.  Gradually turn up the speed and once it is all mixed keep it spinning at high speed until it is warm.  The temperature will be around 105 degrees Fahrenheit; just right for eating and not too hot to destroy the enzymes or delicate vitamins.

Drink 10-12 ounces at each meal time to replace your regular meal during the 3 day detox phase, eaten along with a small portion of sauerkraut.  Or eat it any time you like.  I drink a separate glass of kombucha tea that I have made at home and added fruit for flavor.  Try some kombucha with blackberries or peaches; it brings a more pleasant taste to the somewhat vinegar taste of kombucha tea.

Please let me know how you like the Energy Soup; if you feel better, if it helps you lose weight, or helps clear your brain fog.  I look forward to your communicating your results with me.

Yours in Health,

Doc Wah