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Raindrop Technique Massage

The spinal column represents the major connection that nerves have to our organs and our entire body.  The Raindrop Technique was developed by D. Gary Young who called himself an aromatologist.  Indeed he has a keen sense of smell and can detect certain chemical components in individual plants.  Testing of the plant oils has verified this and he started the Young Living Essential Oil company shortly after developing the Raindrop Technique in 1989.

Raindrop Technique Essential Oils collection

Raindrop Technique Essential Oils collections

Raindrop Technique is a very gentle therapy that includes the use of several essential oil singles, and a couple of oil blends that were developed by D. Gary Young and has become the quintessential therapy for Aromatherapists.  It involves dropping the oils like raindrops just a few inches above the skin along the spine of the receiver.  It begins by balancing the energy between left and right on the feet of the receiver followed by systematically applying the oils using a vibratory technique known as Vita-Flex along the spine reflex area of the feet.

Each oil in the Raindrop Kit has been chosen due to their impact on the organ system, their ability to fight infection, relax the body, and relieve tension, including the emotional tension that causes muscle tension, fatigue and even depression.  Infection has been found to be a major cause in physical disorders, such as scoliosis, sciatica and kyphosis.  I have found that lingering infections can cause other organ system disorders such as thyroid disorder that in turn causes joint arthritis.  It was explained to me at one point that certain toxins that build up in the body over time are the result of the byproduct of toxic waste distributed into our body by the microbes that live in our tissues.  These toxins must be flushed out or they will build up in our body in places that can eventually cause us discomfort, chronic illness and eventual death.  I highly recommend a detoxification program, and certainly drinking lots of water should be a huge part of this program, while you are receiving Raindrop treatments.

Each Raindrop treatment can be unique, but having several treatments will have accumulative effects and the results can be more global.  A good example is receiving weekly Raindrop treatments for 10 weeks to alleviate low back pain.  The pain is gone, as well as the cause of that pain.  It does not return.

Of several hundred persons who have received Raindrop Massage, 99% of them have said they would recommend it to their friends and would receive Raindrop again.  There are many benefits of the technique, but when combined with the wonderful pure therapeutic grade oils the results are powerful.

I am a Raindrop facilitator and while there are many different ways to apply the oils, I really love the Ecuador Method that Young developed while at the NovaVita Clinic in Ecuador.  The YLEO company owns several thousand acres in Ecuador where they grow organic plant for their oils.  The high altitudes and longer growing season make these plants exceptionally well suited for the rainforest environment, and they yield high amounts of pure oils as a result.  Eucalyptus is particularly excellent as its’ aroma will attest.  YLEO own several farms around the world but the only clinic that Young started is in Ecuador and it is still in operation today.  The services offered at NovaVita Clinic are unlike any that you might see in the US and have given relief to many patients who could not receive these treatments anywhere else.  Such as the intravenous infusion of essential oils.  I think that we may see this offered in the US one day, but it may take a few years of overcoming obstacles in alternative health applications.

The Raindrop Technique Essential Oil Collection consists of several single oils and a few blends, along with a vegetable carrier oil and a massage oil blend.  I have used the V6 massage oil, but I recently found out it contains Canola Oil, so I do not recommend this oil if you have a serious disease, chronic inflammation or an allergy to Canola, which is not a truly pure vegetable oil.  I make a wonderful carrier oil blend with sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, sesame seed oil, and safflower oil.  To the carrier oil you can add your own blend of essential oils, or not.  I try to keep a little bit of both plain carrier oil, and another blend that is similar to the Ortho Ease that is included in the kit.

Seven Single Oils (5ml bottles): Thyme, Basil, Peppermint, Oregano, Wintergreen, Cypress and Marjoram.

Two Oil Blends (5ml bottles): Valor® & Aroma Seiz™.

The two oil blends originally came from two recipes that D. Gary Young developed in 1989 and included in the first booklet he published on Raindrop Technique.  I love the convenience of being able to purchase the blends, but I wanted to share the original recipes with you here.

Energy Balancing Blend (now included in Valor®
15 drops spruce7 drops frankincense6 drops blue tansy2 drops rosewood1 drop balsam fir

Muscle Relaxing Blend (now included in Aroma Seiz™
25 drops balsam fir15 drops basil10 drops marjoram8 drops spruce4 drops wintergreen

Other oil recipes were also developed by Young.  This is another blend that I like to use for anyone receiving Raindrop Massage after a cold or flu.

Boost Your Immune System Massage Blend

Because of the “heat” in oils like cinnamon and clove, it is best to use a carrier oil to slow down the penetration.  Other oils could be added such as Mountain Savory or Eucalyptus for their ability to help move lymph, a detoxification process.

1 oz V-6 Massage Oil15 drops Ravensara oil blend10 drops rosemary oil6 drops thyme oil4 drops cinnamon oil4 drops clove oil

Pain Management

If you are experiencing pain from muscle spasm, cramping, overuse, or misuse of your muscles, you can apply the oils of the Raindrop Technique collection directly on those areas.  I work on a mini-farm in Northwestern Illinois that my husband and I purchased several years ago.  The land is uneven and I walk the land from gardens to house and back again preparing the garden beds for planting, digging in the dirt and weeding.  My lower legs are very tired and the muscles tend to cramp even when I take a long hot soak with some apple cider vinegar, which usually alleviates a lot of the soreness.  But I keep the Raindrop oils next to my bed just in case my leg muscles decide they are just too overworked and begin to cramp.  I put the oils on with some gentle rubbing, and sometimes end with a hot pack and then I fall asleep again.


Each of the oils chosen to be included in the Raindrop Technique have a specific purpose.  There is a physical affect working on a cellular level, as well as an emotional affect that works through the brain and nervous system in an area we know as the limbic system.  They were chosen to synergistically kill viral and bacterial pathogens, reduce inflammation, support the immune system, ease respiratory discomfort, relax stressed muscles, curb digestive upset and relieve body and joint discomfort, as well as balance energy, lift the spirit, restore calm, and increase the ability to concentrate.


PHYSICAL: anti-inflammatory (intestinal walls), calming, sedative.  Oil of Angels (German).  Coughs, Colds, premenstrual tension, respiratory infections.
AROMATIC: Balance the Emotional body, release and let go of negative feelings from memory of trauma or anger.



PHYSICAL:  Empower the physical and spiritual bodies.  Hyperactivity and ADD in children.  Align the physical structure of the body relieving pain along the spine; balances and reenergizes the chakras.  Changes anaerobic mutated cells back to their natural aerobic state.
AROMATIC:  Balance the electrical energies in the body.


PHYSICAL: Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, metabolic balancer, and may strengthen the vital centers of the body.
AROMATIC: Grounds and strengthen feelings of security.



PHYSICAL: Immunological support, anti-microbial acts directly on the viral or bacterial activity and may help one overcome fatigue and physical weakness after illness.
AROMATIC: Supplies energy during times of stress and physical activity.  Uplifting.


PHYSICAL: Antispasmodic, decongestant. Muscle spasms, aches/pains, chronic colds, concentration, depression and fatigue.  May help gastro-intestinal problems, poor memory, mental fatigue, and relax spastic muscles.
AROMATIC: Helps one maintain an open mind.


PHYSICAL: Anti-bacterial, anti-infectious, antimicrobial, mucolytic, vasoconstrictor.  Strengthens capillary walls and relieve spasms and swelling, open respiratory tract, and give energy in case of edema, cellulite, varicose veins, water retention, and hemorrhoids.
AROMATIC: It strengthens and helps ease the feeling of loss, create a feeling of security, provide grounding, and heal the emotion.


PHYSICAL: Anti-inflammatory and analgesic and relieves pain.  Excellent for bone since its primary constituent, methyl salicylate has cortisone like activity.  May also help with muscle and joint discomfort, arthritis, tendonitis, and rheumatism.
AROMATIC:  May elevate, open and increase awareness in the sensory system.


PHYSICAL: Antispasmodic, anti-infectious, antibacterial, vasodilator, sedative, expectorant.  May calm the respiratory tract and relieve spasms and migraine headaches.  Promotes intestinal peristalsis, tones the parasympathetic nervous system.
AROMATIC: Promotes peace and sleep.


PHYSICAL: Anti-microbial may elevate and open sensory system.  It may also help reduce fevers, Candida, nausea, vomiting, and may aid respiratory functions, has pain killing properties.  Works synergistically with other oils to enhance their activity.  Known as a fixative; helps the other oils by slowing their absorption.
AROMATIC: Used for purifying, stimulating the conscious mind, and enhancing mental retention.



PHYSICAL:  May help relax, calm and relieve tight, sore, tired and aching muscles resulting from sports injuries, fatigue and stress.  May also help relieve stress headaches.
AROMATIC:  Similar to physical.



There are several DVDs that show the Raindrop Technique and how to perform the various massage techniques used in applying the oils.  Vita Flex Technique is initially done on the soles of the feet over the reflex area of the spinal column.  This is an area that runs from the heel on the instep or midline, and runs up the inner arch up to the big toe.  It is not on the inside but on the sole of the foot that actually touches the ground.  Reflexology has proven that there are reflex points on the soles of the feet that “reflect” back to the body.  Raindrop Technique is attempting to move the oils into the spine, so we only use this reflex area in the treatment.

Feather Stroke

This is my favorite part of the treatment.  Feathering up the spine using just a light touch with your fingertips causes the nerve endings in the skin to become energized.  These are the nerve endings that detect vibration and light pressure.  They send messages into the skin and deep into the tissue that allow the oils to penetrate without deep manipulation of the tissues.

Circular Massage Strokes

Two main strokes are used along either side of the spine and the circular motion is always clockwise.  The Spinal Tissue Pull begins on the right side of the spine next to the bones of the spine.  The group of muscles here are about one to two inches wide so the circles of this stroke are just as wide, concentrating on pulling the erector spinae away from the spine to relax them.  The Circular Hand massage used towards the end of the treatment is also done in a clockwise circular fashion but includes the sides of the ribs with the palm of the hand working the muscles of the back.

Crossover Stroke, or Palm Rub

The large strokes include both sides of the back and hands alternately push and pull the tissues.  This causes some lifting of the muscles but is very comfortable and easy on the giver.  it is a wonderful end to a Raindrop Technique and rubs all the oils in thoroughly.

Lymphatic Finger Pump

The last technique ends with a light pumping on the spine.  The receiver turns to face up and the giver cradles the head in their palms.  Gently pushing and pulling causes the body to rock rhythmically and the lightest amount of vibration is achieved causing the lymph to be pumped through the body, removing toxins and helping to stimulate absorption of the oils.

There you have it.  It is an easy technique to learn, and your first treatment is always FREE when you purchase your Raindrop Kit with me.  Contact me about how to get your first order with Young Living Essential Oils and how to receive your Free treatment.

I prefer email at



The information contained here is provided for educational purposes and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any condition of the body and should not be used as a substitute for medical counseling with a health practitioner.

As a Health Practitioner, and Licensed Doctor of Naprapathy, however, I can make some claims as to the effectiveness of the oils from my own experience and use in a clinical setting.  The empirical knowledge gained from years of use and reports from patients means that there is sufficient evidence to believe that Raindrop Technique is a safe therapy when used within the guidelines and when proper care is employed.  Children do not need as much oil, and should be given a carrier oil to begin.  People who have never purified their bodies may only need a few drops to begin so they do not experience any unwanted symptoms with their first Raindrop Technique Massage.  Always use the adage:  Less is more.  A little oil will be much more effective than a lot; so use the minimum amount of oil possible and you will achieve powerful results.

Always have the receiver drink water for the rest of the day, along with light food like a good green salad, and tea.  It will help the detoxification process and they will have no ill effects and quite possibly feel wonderful for several days following their treatment.




Vegetarianism, Vegan or NOT?

Should we eat animals that have a face?  There was recently a debate that aired on WBEZ FM with four men on the panel, each talking about their view of either pro or con.  I think they each were quite well researched and recited their speech well.  I enjoyed listening to the supporting research that each one presented and tried to listen with an open mind to each argument.

However, there is one thing missing in each of their arguments.  I think we all agree that if you do plan to eat meat it should be free of antibiotics, and the animals should not be fed GMO feed products, like chicken by products.  Why would we feed an herbivore meat anyway?  Even my puppy gets her vegetables, but she is a mixed omnivore and so the vegetables really should be part of her overall diet.  Have you ever seen what dogs eat when they have been released out into the wild?  They eat little animals, of course, but they also eat berries, roots and twigs.  Maybe there is something there for us to learn, too.

Eating cooked meat is especially bad, as the heat causes the release of carcinogens when cooked at high heat.  We really are not designed to eat raw meat, but I know a few people who decided to eat raw ground meat, beginning with a teaspoon and gradually increasing their consumption.  I don’t recommend that.

However, I do advocate eating fresh whole foods in the form of plants, and their fruit.  If you decide you like to eat certain kinds of meat, then always eat in moderation, around 3-4 ounces at a time, and eat a variety.  Slow cook the meat so that the juices are retained, and add wonderful aromatic spices… that kill germs and increase your own body’s immune system starting with your digestive juices.

One argument that was presented at the debate was concerning the amount of B12 that may be missing from a vegetarian diet.  I don’t think that is a logical argument for eating meat. Sunflower Sprouts for instance are loaded with B12, and their enzymes increase when planted and grown in soil (which we then call shoots).  First of all, we only need trace amounts of B12 for our nervous system to function in a healthy manner.  We have bacteria in our colon that produces B12 from the raw whole foods that we eat, and then we assimilate this.  There is our problem: assimilation.

Detoxification is a must in our lifestyle today.  It helps clean the colon wall and rid the entire body of mucous and toxins, so that we are capable of absorbing and assimilating the necessary vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that we need in order to stay healthy.

But there is one aspect that continues to be overlooked in all diet plans, and in all discussions about what is good for us.  That is the microorganisms that have invaded our bodies like worms, flukes, parasites and bacteria.


There are pros and cons about the beneficial affect of microorganisms in our bodies.  Yes, some of them are there to help make some of the vitamins we need, and we have a synergistic and symbiotic relationship with microorganisms.  However, what if we suddenly experience an overgrowth of these relatively harmless microorganisms?  They become opportunistic and they produce more toxins than our bodies can handle, making us sick and depress our immune systems.  We have a hard enough time removing toxic residue from our bodies just from day to day metabolic processes where cells move their waste into the interstitual fluids that flow throughout our body.  The excess amount of toxins that are added to that fluid bath need to be removed through a detoxification regimen.


When we remove the toxins that these microorganisms have deposited into our body fluids, it makes it harder for us to heal and depresses our immune system.  What does that really mean?

It means that these toxins will degrade healthy cells and healthy tissues, eating away at our joints or causing holes in our colon, and interrupting normal metabolic pathways, like the Krebbs Cycle where we get energy.  It robs our body of necessary nutrients by blocking some necessary receptor sites, and interrupts the normal metabolic processes that are necessary for us to live healthy, productive lives.

Have you ever heard of the Brain Fog?  That is one of the side effects of candida albicans overgrowth.  This is one of the parasites that definitely become opportunistic if allowed to overgrow.  When we eat too much sugar, which feeds them, they grow in number.  If we don’t wash our food with a good vegetable wash, we are bringing in extra colonies of candida albicans to increase their numbers in our gut.  However, if we eat good pre-biotics that can increase the number of our healthy gut bacteria colonies, we can keep candida from overgrowing and causing us health problems


Fructooligosaccharides are a specific type of sugar found in vegetables like asparagus, tomatoes and fruit, and also in garlic and onions.  The small microbes, or beneficial bacteria in our colon, will thrive and grow when we eat small amounts of fructooligosaccharides.  They also disperse small amounds of nutrients in our colon to help us digest and assimilate our food.  Seaweed is a good source of FOS and also trace minerals, so I add a little Dulce in every smoothie; you cannot taste it and it adds health benefits to our diet.


When the bad bacteria has overgrown then we need a probiotic.  But we need a BENEFICIAL probiotic found in herbs and foods.  There are powerful herbal compounds that help kill bad germs in our body, like cayenne and goldenseal.  I have used this combination for decades, ever since 1990 when I suffered from chronic flu-like symptoms.  But children can’t really stand the heat from cayenne pepper, so we use a different blend of mullein and lobelia.  Whatever the blend, I also add garlic oil capsules and the dose is similar to the medical pharmaceutical prescription of taking the supplement three to four times a day.

A powerful Aromatherapy essential oil blend is Thieves, Oregano, Frankincense with perhaps some Peppermint.  I found these to be quite helpful in killing germs and helping with the pain or aches from influenza.  Knocks it out in a few days as well; we are all looking for a quick fix, right?


One thing that is missing in the diet of most people are enzymes, whether you are vegetarian, vegan, or otherwise eat meat.  Enzymes are the most beneficial nutrient for our bodies and they are only found in raw uncooked sprouts and greens.  If you had a fall-out shelter, the best thing you could stock are seeds for sprouting.  That way you would always be able to eat your greens, and prevent a multitude of health problems.  If sailers knew how to sprout their seeds, they would never have experienced scurvy.

Sprouting is very easy.  Soak the seeds for a short time, depending upon the size of the seed, with a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to prevent spoilage.  Drain the seeds, and keep a mesh screen over the top of the jar, placing the jar at a 45 degree angle so the seedlings get air.  Rinse them with fresh pure water 2 or 3 times a day, until they sprout a little tail.  Keep this process going until you see the first leaves appear.  Now you have a wonderful source of enzymes and chlorophyl to help grow a healthy body, clean the liver, and add protein to your diet.  You only need a small amount so add 1/8 cup of sprouts to every batch of green smoothie you make.

Carcinogens in Cooked Meat

Cooking meat at too high a temperature will turn the fats into a carcinogen that will promote cancer.  These are the Heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are chemicals formed when muscle meat is pan fried or grilled.  It is difficult to avoid the formations of these carcinogens when meat comes into contact with metal.  For this reason, I usually use a glass baking dish to pan sear my meat, then add a little water and continue baking at a lower temperature.  The meat comes out juicy and fully cooked.  Try this with a great pork shoulder roast; use your favorite dry rub, and baste with the water to keep it moist.  I make a sauce to serve over or with it, and we are all enjoying the healthy benefits of pork, but without harmful chemicals.  The same is true for chicken.

Does it have a face?

What do you think?  Do plants have a face?  They can feel, and sense our presence.  American Indians have prayed to them, thanking them for sacrificing themselves for our health, giving back some tobacco or cornmeal.  Are they scentient beings?  Maybe, but this is a question for your own moral dilemma.  Personally I respect plants and I ask them if it is okay to pick them, thanking them for their sacrifice for my life.  I love them and nurture them as they grow, sing to them, and give them nourishment so they will grow into the best delicious vegetable or fruit for the taking.

Animals definitely have a face, but I think nature has told us which ones are really intended for humans to consume.  These are the wild animals like rabbits and deer that grow in huge amounts and really need to be controlled by regular hunting.  I also like to dehydrate and make jerkey out of the venison or bison which involves no cooking actually, but preserves the wholesomeness of the meat and makes it actually healthier to consume.

I really enjoyed the panel discussion about eating a vegetarian diet versus eating food that first had a face!  I think we all need to listen to our bodies.  I am an O positive blood type and should be eating meat, but it does not agree with me.  I can’t eat chicken, beef, bison, or turkey, but ham or pork is okay with my body.  I am gluten free but I take it a large step upward and include not eating rice, garbanzo beans, potatoes, and legumes (unless they are raw sprouted that is).  That is me.  I hope that we all find a happy medium that will help us live long, happy and healthy lives.

Yours in Health Naturally,

Doc Wah