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Raw Living Food Lifestyle

Plants grow from seed that when nourished contain the necessary minerals, vitamins, trace elements, carbohydrates and enzymes necessary for human health.  The amino acids found in plant matter help our bodies make proteins that we then use to make muscles, bones, organs, and so on.  There are no toxins in the cells of plants, fruits or grains.  The toxins consumed by the Standard American Diet come from the cooked foods, the dead meat, the refined carbohydrates that are difficult for our bodies to digest.

When I eat a raw diet I am full of energy and my cells are constantly renewed with healthy cells.  When I eat cooked food I am tired and irritable; my hair color is white (not the vibrant red that I was born with) and some little whiskers pop out on my chin.  Yikes!

Within just a few months of starting my raw organic diet, my red hair changed in texture and color.  It is now a soft strawberry blonde, and I found a blonde streak in the back.  The hairs on my chin have diminished and there are still a few long hairs but they are light and soft.  These will continue to disappear as my body detoxifies and becomes whole and strong again.

Recovering from illness requires that we maintain an alkaline environment within our body.  Remarkable things begin to happen when we ear a diet that is rich in organic fruits, vegetables, grains and seeds, and reduce the amount of cooked and processed foods.  A detoxification program will help jump start the cleansing process by removing the debris and mucous that lines the colon so that the wonderfully rich food we ingest can be absorbed better.

What of all the drugs and medications that we took over our lifetime?  These too need to be cleansed from the body, especially from the liver where detoxification takes place.  Which is why we do not ever eat the liver of another animal.  I used to eat chicken livers and calf livers and I don’t touch them anymore.  Yuck.  We de-vein the shrimp to remove that dark strip before we cook it.  My understanding is that thin dark strip is their colon and it taste better if it is removed before cooking.  I don’t eat shrimp now, but I am using this to illustrate my point.

Dr. Stanley S Bass wrote an article on What Symptoms to Expect When You Improve Your Diet several decades ago and it is still available on his website .  It is not the body that improves, but also our mind.  We recover quicker from disease when we eat a more whole food balanced diet.  I don’t agree with everything he suggests, but I certainly agree that our bodies heal quicker if we are not bombarded with toxins, drugs and pharmaceutical medicines.  I understand that we may need a medication to help us through a crisis from time to time, but we also need to realize that the medication can accumulate in our tissues and needs to be cleansed out of our bodies as soon as possible.  I don’t take pain killers anymore even for surgery because I have found a wholesome organic substitute for pain relievers through therapeutic essential oils.  And the medication does not have time to accumulate in my body because as these oils work to relieve my pain and swelling, they also remove the harmful drugs from my body.

Our body’s job is to repair and make new and healthier cells than the ones before.  Sometimes it requires a little house cleaning which comes in the form of a cold or flu.  I prefer not to feel that way, so I do cleansing on a daily basis and avoid taking in toxic materials and eat mostly organic food that is neither cooked or processed, and I avoid chemicals as much as possible that I can’t pronounce!

If there are toxins in our body, the first level of defense is to remove the toxins.  That means that the repair process has to wait a while.  This may also explain how our bodies break down over time with so many toxins invading our cells.  How can we expect the body to manufacture new cells, if the emphasis is on removing toxins and we constantly consume toxins; never giving our body a break.  Leonard Orr recommends doing an isolation diet once a week.  I practiced this for many years and found it very helpful.  One day a week I would pick fruit; lots of fruit and lots of variety.  One week I would pick a day where I would only eat vegetables; raw, steamed or blanced.  That was an easy way to slowly detox, I thought.

I also feel we should eat only when hungry.  If you are not feeling hungry then you may be just feeding an emotion and not really hungry.  Also, the hunger “pangs” stimulate the anti-aging hormones.  A great way to help the body cleanse itself is to only drink water when we wake up instead of automatically having a breakfast meal.  If we drink water and it quenches our hunger, then we aren’t really hungry.  If, however, you drink water and you are still hungry, then you are really hungry so eat something.  I have done this several times, and still do it often, and usually am not really hungry until one or two in the afternoon.  After I eat a regular meal I feel fine again, and I have never felt weak or irritable as long as I drank water.

There are supplements that we can take to help the body rid itself of accumulated toxins.  I found out a few of them quite by accident by treating the symptoms in an asthmatic patient.  I use a product that is made of Stinging Nettles, Quercitin, Bromelain, and N-acetylcysteine or NAC.  It is an Orthomolecular product so it is only available through a licensed doctor, and not through a health food store.  I keep this supplement on hand in my clinic and it flies off my shelf.  I have used it for upper respiratory conditions, which is why I recommended it for my asthmatic patient.  However, I kept him on the recommended daily dose of two capsules three times a day for several months.  That is what cured his asthma; his entire body was cleansed of the excess debris that was interfering with the lung expansion.  Actually, he only took three bottles before his symptoms were completely gone.

This natural decongestant can work for anyone.  It is safe for children, and adults, and can also be used as a preventative for anyone, including elderly who might be at risk for pneumonia.  I wish I had been a doctor when my grandfather died of pneumonia; he was only 82 years old.  I could do nothing for his emphysema, but I could have helped him stay alive a little longer and cured his pneumonia.

Just a note here on the word “cure.”  If you are a lay person, I don’t recommend you use this word loosely.  I, on the other hand, an a licensed health professional can use this word and my definition of the word cure is different than the allopathic doctor’s definition of cure.  My definition includes the concept that the body is healthy and requries no intervention, even from supplements. It may be necessary to take one or two vitamins or herbs indefinitely due to a genetic deficiency, but I prefer we get our vitamins, minerals and trace elements through our food.  That is why I prefer whole organic foods and stay away from dead food that is processed to make it taste good.  Why eat empty calories?

A healthy body looks healthy.  Do you know the difference?  How do you know you are healthy?  What is your ideal body weight?  What does your skin look like?  and do you enjoy life?  Your skin should have a glow with no dark circles under the eyes, no puffiness and no discolorations elsewhere.  Brown areas indicate lack of circulation to the area, even if you are dark complected.  The elderly patient may have brown skin around the ankles with blisters indicating extreme inflammation.  I usually look at arterial obstruction but sometimes it is due to food allergies.  Dark skin around the genitals in the upper thigh and inner groin could mean a hip dysplasia especially in an obese patient.

A healthy body is not fat.  I don’t care who you have talked to, it is NOT healthy to be fat and obesely overweight.  Body Mass Index is a good way to gauge what a healthy range is for your body at your age of life.  It is an easy formula to calculate, so look it up.  If it says you are obese, then you are obese. Deal with the reality, and take the necessary steps to lose the excess weight.  I recommend a Raw Living Food Lifestyle like the one taught at the Ann Wigmore Institute.

Ann Wigmore’s Principles of the Raw Living Lifestyle
1. Oxygen – fresh air every day, and water enough to equal half your body weight.
2. Sunlight – 15 minutes every day
3. Fermented food – to provide probiotics necessary for healthy gut flora and to promote natural immunity
4. Wheat Grass – to bind heavy metals, detox the liver, and provide chlorophyl necessary for tissue health and regneration
5. Exercise – lymphatic drainage through gentle vibratory exercise on the Rebounder that she calls Lymphasize. Daily exercise 30 minutes per day when possible.
6. Sprouts – and shoots to provide essential enzymes necessary to repair cell walls
7. Antioxidants – raw organic foods rich in the powerful antioxidants that help our bodies repair and reduce the chances of cancer every developing.
8. Alkaline food and drinks – begin each day with an alkaline drink such as salt water, lemon water and rejuvelac
9. Rest – allows the body to repair itself and gives our mind a break from our busy lives


Water contains hydrogen and oxygen. Oxygen is what keeps us alive and well. We breathe it in through our lungs, and most people breathe rather shallow. As you rest, whether through meditation or regular sleep, you breathe deeper. And air is free, although it is not as inanimate as we might think; it is as sentient as you or I and it breathes us, keeping us alive. Never take for granted the amount of air your body needs.

Take deep breaths every day. Relaxing while taking long deep breaths relaxes muscles, massages organs, and helps the body eliminate waste. The exchange of oxygen with toxic gases is very important for health and maintains an alkaline environment.

Hydrogen from the water we drink, and from the breakdown of the food we eat, helps us make energy and other molecules essential for life. Whether you drink pure water, or get water from some food, I really think tea or coffee are not recognized as liquid in your body because they contain other nutrients. Especially if you add lemon or sugar to your tea, or cream and sugar to your coffee… the body will recognize these all together and it does not translate into just plain water. I recommend half your bodyweight in water, or more imply put, drink 4 bottles a day.

Vitamin D

We get most of our Vitamin D from sunlight, which is why Ann Wigmore recommends we get sunshine every day. Taking walks outside is a good example, and it adds to the requirement of exercise as well. However, when you are in a climate that is cloudy most of the year, then adding about 5,000 mg of Vit D on cloudy days is essential. Vitamin D helps keep our bones strong, and it may even keep the lining around our nerves whole and healthy and prevent, and even cure diseases like multiple sclerosis. In any case, it helps the mood so it wards off seasonal effective disorder. And for that matter, so will eating greens.


I recently discovered a great website that explains so much about fermented foods, drinks and contains lots of recipes.

As a Certified Raw Food Chef, I include fermented foods in my classes. It is essential for getting the probiotics into our colon that help keep our bowels clean, and improves health overall. When making fermented food or beverages, there are boutique blends of probiotics one could add to the batch, or you can just let good old Mother Nature make them for you. Fermented foods can contain trillions of healthy gut bacteria, much more than you can get in pills and much cheaper. A good batch of my red cabbage slow takes about 5 heads of red cabbage at a cost of just $15.00. Well worth the time and effort if it saves you money and gives a more biologically available form of probiotics for health, wouldn’t you agree?


Good fresh wheat grass shots contain so much chlorophyll and other life-giving ingredients that it is important to include a few shots a day into your Raw Diet. Other countries are not so lucky as we are here in the US. In Europe for instance they offer only one tablespoon a day, where at the Ann Wigmore Institute you might get three shots a day, plus a few ounces to add to your implant after your enema, and more ounces to add to your bath. I personally love the sweet taste of fresh wheat grass, rather than powdered or frozen varieties. Growing it is cheap and easy, if you have the space and patience. Spring Creek Holistic serves wheat grass to all our enrollees during the detoxification weekend. I especially like the energy boost it gives, and I like to chase it with fresh squeezed orange juice. Very delicious and nutritious, too.

Every detox starts with cleansing the colon. Why you ask? So that when the toxins start pouring out of the liver they have a path to exit the body. Otherwise the toxins back up into the other organs and a headache results. We once had a patient attend our detox program and she did not understand the instructions prior to attending. Stop drinking coffee over a few days before the weekend, because we don’t serve coffee during a detoxification program. Well, she had such a headache it made her eyes squint. So we gave her a cup of coffee that set her right and she was able to continue the program without a hitch. Please read the instructions and follow them completely prior to attending our detox weekend. Good advice.


When I mention exercise what pops into your mind? A gym membership, driving to the gym, buying clothes to cover up, all those people watching me, what if I can’t lift the weights, what if I can’t do the yoga pose, and on and on it goes. The exercise I am referring to is gentle movement, probably on a mini-trampoline, or a 30 minute walk outside (weather permitting), or bouncing on an exercise ball. Sounds more gentle, doesn’t it? The idea for exercise is to get the blood pumping in a gentle steady rhythm for long enough that the lymphatic vessels can cleanse the body of toxins and the blood can circulate them for elimination. One of my friends loved her rocking chair, so she created “Rocking Chair Aerobics.” Keep your feet on the ground and begin rocking back and forth. She was having knee problems and it helped her knees so much that she quit using her wheel chair and graduated to a walker. After a time, she began to “stand up” for a second with each “rock” and it really improved her standing and walking. And any activity that is consistent, even rocking, is considered aerobic, so it improves heart function.

So when you think of exercise, think “gentle.” If you want to walk on a treadmill, then do it gently and just set a pace that you can handle and still keep talking. Walk out in the sunlight and you have accomplished two of the principles of the Living Food Lifestyle.


Enzymes are the building block for proteins, and sprouts contain the highest concentration of the enzymes we need. Most sprouts are seedlings that we make from tiny seeds like alfalfa, clover, broccoli, radish, and cabbage. We soak them, and drain them, and let them breathe in a jar much like a tiny terrarium. When the first green leaves are visible, they are ready to eat. Other seeds can be sprouted for adding to dishes or for snacks; seeds of mung, sunflower, and almond are good examples.

Shoots on the other hand are seeds that have been grown in a medium and we are eating just the tiny plant. We still want a set of green leaves, but we don’t allow them to grow much more because we want them when they are young and tender. Sunflower seeds also make good shoots, but we really appreciate the taste of pea shoots, buckwheat, and soy. (I never eat any soy products, except for soy sprouts or shoots.) Watercress is another easy to find shoot, but growing them is as easy as growing wheat grass, and I use the same medium.

When adding shoots or sprouts to your green smoothie you only need 1/8 to 1/4 cup. A little goes a long way. I add them to salads, sandwiches, and as garnish to various raw dishes like Raw Lasagna.


When oxygen is missing an electron it is called a Free Radical and can do damage to your DNA. These molecules are not bound so they are unstable, and they zing through your body and into your cell actually cutting through the DNA in the nucleus. Cancers develop when DNA is cut by free radicals and join in an unnatural way. Anti-oxidants neutralize free radicals making them harmless to your body.

When you want a good anti-oxidant think COLOR. Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, but mostly red foods contain lots of anti-oxidant capabilities. As with enzymes a little goes a long way, so a small portion of red pepper, for instance, can add a large amount of anti-oxidants to your smoothie or salad. The blue or purple color of blueberries signifies their intense content of anti-oxidants and B Vitamins, like B-12 or cyanacobalamin.

B Vitamins are necessary to help with nerve function, mood regulation and brain function as in cognitive function, and even dementia. I once heard of a man who was suffering from what his doctors termed dementia, yet when he started taking a supplement of B12 his functions returned. But of course his son had already moved him into the home with his wife and children and there was no getting him back to his own home, because they sold it. Oops!


By breaking your fast you can start your day with an alkaline drink. Salt water is a very quick and inexpensive drink that is easy to make. Rejuvelac is a fermented drink made from sprouted grains like quinoa and makes an excellent drink for any time of the day, but especially full of probiotics to start your day with. Lemon juice is also very alkaline, or you might like to use lemon essential oil that does not contain the acid to erode the teeth. Each of these drinks will alkalinize the body. Cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment. Our organs and our healthy probiotics thrive in an alkaline environment. Our classes show you how to make Sal Sole, or salt solution, Rejuvelac and how to prepare sprouts to make the fermented drink.


I have been a meditator since an early age. I did my own walking meditation when I was around 10 years old, and studied Silva Method in 1979. My favorite form of meditation is Primordial Sound Meditation, where a mantra is repeated during the relaxation. I learned PSM at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad California; a requirement for all students of the Vedic traditions taught there. Whatever sort of method you use to relax, do it every day if possible; consistency will give you the rewards you desire. Don’t worry about what type of relaxation technique you use; there is no wrong type. Rest about 20-30 minutes. If at first you need to read a book, that is just fine. Perhaps you fall asleep. That is perfect; it means you were tired so honor yourself with a little nap.

I say a mantra while I meditate. If my thoughts wonder, I know I can release them by going back to my mantra. Your mantra can be a word, a phrase, or statement; anything that is easy to remember and gets your brain to focus on the present moment. You might find that saying it aloud at first helps you to focus better. After a few minutes you can begin repeating it silently in your mind. See what happens. Dr. Father Thomas Keeting taught me Contemplative Prayer when I was studying for my ordaination. He calls the statement or mantra, a Sacred Word. So when I first started my mantra was the word “clear.” I imagined a blackboard and I erased all the words so that the blackboard was clean, or the words were cleared off. I would also imagine me using the eraser and my arm moving back and forth erasing the words, much like a Qi Gong movement. And that worked for me.

Rest is when your body is doing repairs, building cells, laying down new linings of your intestinal tract, and you are breathing. All this important work is difficult to accomplish when you are busy with your day to day life, such as work, sitting in front of a computer, preparing dinner, and so on. Rest is very important to your healing process and should not be taken lightly. Give yourself permission to do nothing for a few minutes every day.


Now that you understand the principles of the Raw Living Food Lifestyle, you can begin adding a few raw foods to your diet every day. I call this the transition stage of changing your lifestyle. Look through your cupboard and your pantry and decide what things you can eliminate that contain unhealthy ingredients. You can donate some of the food to your local pantry or non-profit organization. After removing unhealthy food stuffs, you will gradually increase the raw ingedients you will need to prepare raw dishes based upon the recipes you decide to try. There are lots of free recipes on the websites such as,, and so on. Raw Food Lifestyle is becoming more popular so check out some of the “cookbooks” that contain a variety of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Whatever you do, you will need to add a few additional appliances to help in food preparation

Here is a list of the kinds of appliances that help with raw food preparation:
Extraction Juicer

It may take you a few months of shopping as you begin to switch from a Standard American Diet (SAD) to a Living Food Diet or Alkaline Diet and the Raw Living Food Lifestyle. The more raw foods you can incorporate (and I am NOT talking about raw meat) the better your health will become.

Practice the 9 Principles and come to a weekend training at the Spring Creek Holistic Center where all the meals are prepared for you and you learn how to prepare some meals for yourself. Your body will appreciate the break from cooked food and the stress of everyday life, so you can better concentrate on what makes you happy.

Our guests arrive at 5 pm on Thursday for orientation. Each guest is assigned a dorm room, or you can camp at the nearby State Park, Lake-Le-Aqua-Na or on our land. We meet at 6 pm in the classroom to discuss the agenda for the weekend and answer questions. We take guests on a first come basis and just a few at a time. If you have a diagnosis such as cancer, or diabetes, we need a referral from your primary care physician before you arrive. We work closely with your medical treatment plan and it helps us to know a little about your medical history. Each guest will fill out a health questionnaire and we will do our best to make you comfortable and welcome while you are here.

Our guests stay until Monday afternoon. You are welcome to stay more than once, but the program is only conducted from Friday to Monday once a month. Come visit any time you like; the dorms are available for weekend or weekday guests. There are wonderful things to do around the area at different times of the year and we always have gardens that need volunteer hands to keep going, plus the yoga classes that all our guests enjoy.

Be well, Naturally,
Doc Wah