About Doc Wah

About Spring Creek Holistic Center and Dr. Wanona

The world is full of doctors and facilities that are quick to pull out the prescription pad and don’t really listen to their patients. But at Spring Creek Holistic Center, we’re committed to providing you with a different level of attention and care.

Spring Creek Holistic Center, just 3 miles from the Wisconsin border in Lena, IL, provides a variety of wellness services for those dealing with chronic pain, including appointments with Dr. Wanona, Naprapathy Treatments, Reflexology sessions, Yoga classes, and a 4-day Detox Program.

A Refreshing Change of Pace

At our Center, instead of hearing, “There’s nothing we can do,” “There’s no cure,” or the dreaded retort, “It’s all in your head,” not only will you receive top-notch treatment for your chronic pain (without back cracking!), but you’ll also feel accepted and understood by Dr. Wanona and her friendly personality.

Doctor Wanona, founder of Spring Creek Holistic Center, is a natural-born healer who draws upon her expertise as a Doctor of Naprapathy, her keen sense of intuition, and over 30 years of experience when she helps people find natural relief from chronic pain.

A Holistic Approach to Relieving Chronic Pain

“I believe that the body can heal if it’s given the right messages,” says Dr. Wanona.
“Sometimes we’re just lacking one or two pieces of the puzzle, so when I see patients, we work on finding those pieces of the puzzle. Once they fit, the body just starts to heal naturally.”

It’s this holistic approach to healing that has brought natural pain relief to Dr. Wanona’s patients when they needed it most.

TESTIMONIAL “After a year on pain medication and muscle relaxers, and several physical therapy sessions, I was not able to return to teaching exercise classes at the YMCA where I work. I was referred to Dr. Wanona by a friend and yoga teacher. Within two months of weekly treatments she was able to find the distortion in my spine and especially in my hips and the pain is gone! I am back teaching and have my life back!” Cindy in Naperville

Dr. Wanona considers herself a spiritual being having a human experience; a perspective that strongly influences how she approaches life, her medical practice, and her interactions with patients.

While many of her patients feel like she has “magic hands,” Dr. Wanona’s unique blend of Eastern and Western approaches is strongly rooted in an understanding of the structures of the body, especially connective tissues. She earned a doctorate of Naprapathy in 1999 from the National College of Naprapathic Medicine in Chicago, IL.

Dr. Wanona lives in Lena, IL with her husband, their dog, and four precious cats. When she’s not seeing patients or leading workshops, she enjoys finding ways to express herself creatively through painting, crafts, or organic gardening.

Wondering If “Dr. Wanona Can Help You?”
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