FIRST Choice Medicine

by Dr. Rev. Wanona Wellspring Ceisel, DN

Doctor of Naprapathy, Medical Intuitive


The First Medicine you need is Encouragement.


“I need somebody to listen to MY story.”

I listen while patients tell their story.  The first medicine that I give them, no matter what the signs or symptoms, is encouragement.  I encourage them to have trust in that their body will heal itself. Our bodies have the ability to heal, and our treatment is to help reconnect the patient and their inward capabilities; thought, imagination, emotional response, and gratitude.










This is the credo of the Spring Creek Holistic Center and the personal credo for everyone.   Words are powerful and handy helpers in the healing process.  Words of encouragement allow the true inner strength to reveal itself and the Tiger emerges.  Strong and yet sentient, the Tiger is sensitive to its surroundings and can sense the emotion of creatures nearby by their scent; chemoreceptors in the brain trigger hormonal responses when stimulated by certain scents.


The feeling that accompanies the hormonal response will either help the Tiger survive, or propagate to support the species.  Human beings are not sure what to do with their hormonal responses when the need to do either no longer exists.


Keeping healthy requires daily discipline to eat regular healthy meals and healthy snacks and get acquainted to the needs of their body.  Body aches and pains are nature’s way of communicating to us that something may be wrong.  The body begins to communicate to various parts to maintain a homeostatic internal environment.  Chemical messengers carry signals and we feel something with our muscles and skin, and even in the joints.


We eventually regain control and balance is restored within us, or so it would seem on the outside.  Homeostasis is not a static event but a series of checks and balances that employ when certain chemicals are too high or too low, our temperature is too high or too low, or we are too cold, or too hot.  Living at either extreme is uncomfortable, so we find a middle ground that is comfortable.  That develops our thermostat and the body has a job to do that will last the rest of its life.  Until we get sick and it gets out of balance again, and the cycle begins.


Originally our bodies were made healthy and whole.  Sometimes we are born with nutritional deficiencies or they may have developed later but in either case, the treatment begins the same way; with encouragement.


The TIGER approach to health is holistically based and supported by years of personal experience.  It speaks to the person without regard to religious affiliation or spiritual gender.  We as human beings are capable of thought, imagination, gratitude and emotional response.  It supports the homeopathic viewpoint that healing comes not only from the head down, but also “the inside out.”


The idea appears as a thought, and our imagination begins to go to work.  We can better appreciate where we are, and remember the good that exists in our lives creating a sense of gratitude; grateful for knowing that your body can heal, and that emotions can be part of the healing process.  Our emotional response to our environment is a big clue of our immune and health status.


The Living Food Lifestyle was developed used similar ideas in developing our program guidelines.  When learning to change your eating habits it is important that you make your personal health your first choice.  Every choice after that is based upon your desire to heal your chronic symptoms and regain optimal health.  The First Step is not only to change your lifestyle but agreeing to take the first step.  First Medicine is here to help you accomplish your goals for a healthy life.

Illinois, USA