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Facial Reflexology Advanced

Facial Reflexology

Prerequisite: previous training in reflexology, Egyptian Method Reflexology, massage therapy or esthetician with license or certification.

Course material includes History and origins of Facial Reflexology, the zones and reflex regions of the face, acupressure points of the face and neck, and procedure steps for performing Facial Reflexology session.

Information on the benefits of Facial Reflexology acupressure will be discussed.  Students will also learn self face massage, wrist muscle stretches for self care, and advanced treatment options such as Percussion Vibratory Therapy.

Tuition:  $275 includes a training manual and charts

Location:  West Dundee, IL.  Registered applicants will receive complete details on address and directions to the class.  Call for registration forms or email to request a form at doc2wah@gmail.com


Egyptian Reflexology Certification Course

Egyptian Method of Reflexology is a 60 Hour  Certification Course for anyone wanting to learn more about reflexology and how to give a complete reflexology session.  This course leads to certification which brings one into the professional career as a reflexologist.  Two days of classroom lecture and practice are required, along with 45 practice sessions in order to become certified.  60 hours of combined classroom and practice sessions is required with documentation and a final session given to the instructor, after which time the student receives a professional Certificate as an Egyptian Method Reflexologist (EMR).

Reflexology is the science of applying gentle pressure to points on the feet, hands, and the ears that “reflect” back to organs and areas of the body.  It is an ancient art that was first historically documented in the ancient ruins of Egypt in the Physician’s Tomb.

The two day course includes History of Reflexology, Anatomy of the feet and hands, Auricular Reflexology and Procedural Steps.  Training Manual is included in every course, and lunch and refreshments are provided all within the cost of tuition.

Cost:  $475 includes training manual and meals

Registration forms can be mailed to Dr. Wanona at Spring Creek Holistic along with payment.

Location for this weekend course is West Chicago, Illinois.  Call for address or directions.


Reflexology; Anti-Aging and Stress Relieving

Reflexology is a time-honored therapy that existed thousands of years ago.  The Egyptian Method that I teach has its’ roots in the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza; the Physician’s Tomb.  Many cultures have held high regard for the healing power of applying gentle pressure to reflex points that ‘reflect’ back to the specific body part or organ.

Dr. Wanona giving a gentle head rub during a Facial Reflexology session

Facial Reflexology

Dr. Wanona giving a gentle head rub during a session


I have enjoyed teaching the Egyptian Method since 1995 when I was first introduced to this gentle technique.  In my style of teaching I also add techniques to relax the giver such as stretches for the forearms, headache points, and aromatherapy.  Giving a session in reflexology should be just as beneficial to the giver as it is to the receiver.  I also add the concept of acupressure making the Egyptian Reflexology Method more about the perception of the receiver; are they relaxed, or are they feeling pain and signs of stress?

Pain is not the goal of Egyptian Method Reflexology and should never be accepted by the receiver.  Certainly some points are going to feel much more tender to the touch, but I have always taught my students to get off of the painful spot as quickly as possible.  The giver can once again return to the spot to see how it feels after working in a circle around the tender area or “Circling the Dragon.” I learned this term and concept from my acupuncture training.   Using a concept we call ‘point discrimination’ the body can send the information to release tension to the painful spot making our treatments much more comfortable and beneficial.

However, after all these years I discovered that the FACE also holds reflex points.  In actuality there are thousands of reflex points on our body, hence Body Reflexology, but the face is so easy to work on and there are tremendous results.

First, we know that the face has reflex points, lines of energy and also lines of physical stress we call wrinkles.  The neck is also considered part of the face in my treatments, so we start with some gentle neck massage, and work our way up to the face; it also includes the head and the lines of energy that surround the head.

Facial Reflexology could also be called Facial Acupressure.  Applying gentle pressure on acupressure points helps stimulate energy, but it also helps bring fresh blood to the tissues of the face, head and neck; the skin begins to tone and the receiver will actually begin to look younger!

I am very excited about the benefits of Facial Reflexology, and hope you will be too.  I am looking for some volunteers to receive regular weekly treatments that will be documented and photographed to prove that Facial Reflexology actually makes you look younger!  I have seen it work, but I want you to experience it for yourself.

I am taking just six volunteers who will receive Free weekly sessions; either in Naperville, Illinois at my office there, or at Spring Creek Holistic in northwest Illinois where I live and work.  Contact me as soon as you can so we can start the new year out with some exciting results of your regular sessions.

Here is what is required in order to be accepted into the study: Attend three or four sessions a month of Facial Reflexology. Drink lots of water during the entire trial. Agree to be photographed the first day, at 3 months and at 6 months.  The final results will be published in my book, so I will need permission to use your photograph. There will be paperwork and some questionnaires to fill out, but it should be simple enough.

After the study, I will also publish it in a journal to help other health professionals see the benefits of the treatments.  All participants will be able to continue receiving treatments either by myself or one of our trained reflexologists at the regular treatment price.  I encourage everyone (not just the study participants) to receive about two or three treatments every month; some patients really love the weekly sessions and rarely miss their appointment.

Please refer this information to your massage therapist or other bodywork professional; if they are trained in Facial Reflexology you can be sure you will be able to continue with regular treatments and everyone will be happier!

Check the Events Calendar for the next class, and direct any questions to me directly at doc2wah@gmail.com or my cell phone at 847-312-6143


Doc Wah